About Off Duty Traveler

I’m Sue Reynolds, a displaced New Yorker living in the Cincinnati area who’s been traveling the world in my off-duty time for more than two decades! I review everything from weekend getaways in the U.S. to week-long trips in Europe and beyond.

As a busy corporate professional, I often use a tour service when I travel overseas to get the most out of my time and money. I’ll post genuine, honest reviews of my personal experience of those tours. I’ll also share what I’ve learned along the way, such as what to pack, what shoes to wear, and how to prepare for your trips!

I know my experiences may not be shared by everyone and that people have different opinions about what makes a great trip. My opinions here are my own. Now let’s go travel together!

Countries Visited So Far

  1. Canada
  2. Belgium
  3. The Netherlands
  4. France
  5. Ireland
  6. Germany
  7. Austria
  8. Switzerland
  9. Italy
  10. Greece
  11. China
  12. England
  13. Wales
  14. Scotland
  15. Spain

On Duty

In my on-duty life, I’m a corporate social media and design manager overseeing a team that manages social media and digital marketing for multiple brands and industry verticals. You can also find me at Carmine Media, where I offer leadership for women coaching and social media, email, and marketing strategy consultation to small businesses and nonprofits.

Sue Reynolds | Carmine Media