I Found the Perfect Affordable Home Manicure For Travel

When I travel I take lots of photos for this blog, my Instagram page, and for memories, so my wardrobe and nails need to be camera ready at all times. I found the perfect, affordable manicure for travel!

For a long time I spent, every two weeks or so, from $40 to $65 having my nails done professionally. After all, I was working in a corporate office and attending a lot of meetings, plus doing lots of typing, not to mention the typical chores and housework. I needed nice-looking nails that could stand up to all that, so I indulged in gel and dip manicures.

Then Covid happened.

I started looking around for alternatives, something I could do at home that would last, without chipping, and also not damage my nails. That’s when I discovered imPRESS Nails, which you can find here on my Amazon store.

Affordable Home Manicure

For between $5 and $10, I get TWO professional-looking manicures from each set that, depending on how much abuse I give them, last up to three weeks! If an imPRESS nail does happen to pop off, I carry their brush-on nail glue with me, also in my store, and I can pop it right back on.

The application is super easy. Remove the backing to expose the adhesive and simply press them onto your own clean, dry nails. The adhesive is flexible, almost like rubber cement, but very strong. The short version comes squared off, but they can be filed to your desired shape with a standard nail file. They come in all kinds of colors, including French, and multiple designs from holiday to whimsical and more. I chose this beautiful heather gray neutral with a sparkle for my last vacation, and yes they lasted the whole trip.

These nails are perfect for travel. If something happens to one of them you can easily repair it if you bring the glue and a few extras along with you in your bag. If something happens to a gel or dip manicure, you are out of luck until you get home and back to the nail salon. Plus the money I am saving can be put toward my next trip. I think I’ve found the perfect affordable home manicure for traveling!

If you enjoy travel wardrobe ideas, be sure to check out my blog What To Pack For Scotland in the Spring! Happy traveling!


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